How AV Remit Works

Sending Money using our Web Console and Apps (iOS and Android) is very simple.

1. Choose the country from the list of Countries where you want to send money. (You can do this without Logging in as member)

2. Choose how you want to send

3. Choose how much you want to send

  • Enter amount to Send, or

  • Enter amount to be Received


The calculator will display the Fee, Exchange rate and Total to pay (which are always indicative).

4. You agree and Login.

5. Enter your recipient’s details:

  • Add your Beneficiary/Recipient/Receiver detail, or

  • Choose from the list of Beneficiary/Recipient/Receiver you sent before.

6. Pay by choosing the methods provided in the system

7. Confirm the payment, sit back, relax and keep yourself worry free, because YOUR MONEY IS IN SAFE HANDS....